Aqualand Torremolinos

 The largest water park at the Costa del Sol. 5 minutes from downtown Torremolinos you can find Aqualand Torremolinos which is a place to spend a day of fun and entertainment with the best water rides imaginable for the whole family.

Aqualand is a world of water and fun, perfect for unforgettable moments with family and friends.

The park has a new attraction: the "Boomerang", plus wide area restoration, parks and a 18-hole mini golf add diversity to our leisure.

Enjoy 14 attractions including 19 water slides for adults, 15 children's slides and a Mini golf 18 holes:


Distance 34.6 km 28 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps 36.6240657,-4.5089829,15


Crocodile Park Torremolinos

 Situated in Torremolinos, the heart of the Costal del Sol. In Crocodile Park, you will find yourself in front of prehistoric monsters which have miraculously survived 200 million years of evolution - carnivores which knew the dinosaurs. You can wonder at the gigantic crocodiles by silently walking beside them, observing the secrets of one of the most fascinating creatures of our world.

Distance 34.7 km 29 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps 36.6243886,-4.5111823


Aqualand Mijas

Aquapark Mijas offers plenty of pools and crazy slides as well as picnic areas and restaurants. Start with the Body Ski, a medium-speed family slide, before plucking up the courage to go on the Labyrinth, where slides take you on twists and turns before throwing you out into the pool. If you want more, the wild river takes you on a ride on a float and the kamikaze slide is a sheer three-storey drop. The Adventure River claims to be “the wildest ride you’ve ever had”.

Distance 15.9 km 16 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps link


Laser Island

Laser Island is a theme park based on a galactic battle for all ages. This activity is better known as “Laser Tag”, in which you participate in teams to try to get as many points as possible, either capturing your opponents' basement or aiming at your rivals.

Teamwork is very important, do not be cornered by the other team, chase your opponents and the most important tip… do not shoot your own team.

​The games have a duration of 12 and 24 minutes with little breaks between games.

¡Do not hesitate to contact us for special events!

Distance 32.9 km 36 Mins by car
Web site Benalmadena laser island
Google maps 36.5971133,-4.5165106


Aventura Amazonia Marbella

ADVENTURE AMAZONIA MARBELLA, is the largest adventure park in Andalusia. The park has 6 Adventure Circuits and 24 zip lines which includes the largest zip line among Andalusian trees with a length of 240 m.

There are 103 games in the trees, and 22 zip lines divided into 6 adventure circuits for different ages.

An authentic adventure park in the trees. 

Distance 3.3 km 4 Mins by car
Web site Parques Amazonia Marbella
Google maps 36.4971131,-4.7777384


Prison Island

Prison Island is an adventure park suitable for all ages. It is inspired by an old TV-program called ”Fort Boyard”, where you are inside cells and have to use teamwork to beat the challenges inside and get points. All this while the time is ticking… Get your friends together, make one or more teams and solve the challenges together.

Cooperate, get points and have fun. You are all welcome – during the whole year!

​Both young and old, both short and tall, company meetings, birthday parties, sports schools, school classes, graduation parties and family gatherings. Everything is possible! And remember – The team needs you as much as you need the team!

Distance 32.9 km 36 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps 36.5971823,-4.516811


Biopark Fuengirola

 Bioparc Fuengirola is a park that recreates the environments of some of the most threatened tropical forests in the world. These habitats, the tropical forests, concentrate the greatest biodiversity on the planet, which makes the visit to Bioparc Fuengirola an exceptional opportunity to discover emblematic species and also practically unknown species.

With the intention of introducing you to some of the most unknown and extraordinary animals of the park, some species that you probably did not know existed and that you will be able to see during your visit to Bioparc Fuengirola

Distance 15.4 km 16 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps 36.5368335,-4.6299791


Sealife Benalmadena

Sea Life Benalmadena is a magical marine experience on the Costa del Sol.

It contains over 500.000 litres of water in which swim more than 5.000 different creatures, including species from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and even creatures normally found in the Red Sea.

Distance 32.9 km 36 Mins by car
Web site
Google maps 36.5966443,-4.517394


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